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New Kjellberg family tree

Dear Relatives,

You can now behind “Family calendar” find links to new Relatives’ Chart and “Släktkalendern”. Using these as a base we ask you to send correction to me or Erik and we will correct the charts immediately. Most certainly we have not been informed about all deaths and borns and not even divorces or other matters you want us to know. Please send us all Emailaddresses to new persons. These addresses will not be mentioned officially but will be kept secret within the small group responsible for the charts. The Family tree is arranged based on the program Reunion 9 which is only active in Mac environment and not Pc. We have tried but in vain, to find a program workable in both platforms.

If somebody wish to have the nearest family printed out on one or two pages I can arrange that against a small fee of SEK 25 per page. You have to glue them together by yourself. You can contact me on jan.w (at)

We will very soon appoint persons responsible for the different branches to assist us in making a full and correct survey. It is our ambition and hope that those who will be appointed to this “honorary task” will accept the assignment with full seriousness and high ambition and with a speed so we can finish up this step by December 31, 2011.

Jan W Kjellberg