The Members of the board hereby announces the Scholarship for 2017 for a sum of SEK 20.000:-. The application should be sent the chairman not later than May 31, 2017, and the winner of the scholarship should be prepared to receive the scholarship at the next family meeting. A short presentation of the purpose of the scholarship is expected.

p>The scholarship foundation of the Kjellberg Family Society

The Society manages the scholarship trust fund and uses the return on the investment to finance the awarding of scholarships. The intention is to award scholarships annually, but the amount may vary, depending on whether or not an Ordinary Family Reunion is held.

The following is a quote from the by-laws: “The purpose of the Foundation, managed by the Kjellberg Family Society, is to award scholarships to members of the Society for education and/or scientific research (e.g. genealogy) as well as for support of other purposes that will benefit members.”

The application should give a description of the purpose and how the funds will be used. The text must not exceed an A4 page. The covering letter as well as the application,, should be addressed to, should give details of the Kjellberg family relationship, full name, date of birth, postal and e-mail addresses and telephone number.

To be considered for a scholarship you need to be a member of the Kjellberg Family Society. Preference is given to life and regularly paying members.